• Apr2017

    The Algarve is the destination of choice of the Portuguese and many foreigners to spend the summer holidays. The many beaches, the climate that does not disappoint, fish-based cuisine and fresh seafood and the hospitality of the Algarve are some of the major arguments of the region. (more…)

  • Mar2017

    By law enforcement. 144/2015 of 08.09, are companies (individuals or companies) forced from next day 23 March to inform consumers, with regard to alternative means of dispute resolution (ADR). These Entities (Arbitagem) allow the resolution of consumer disputes out of court. (more…)

  • Praia da Luz in Spring

    21st March 2017

    The sun is finally out and we will have our beautiful village of Luz back in its full splendor again. The flowers are out and everywhere is green and fresh, while the sound of the waves coming to shore seem absolutely magical. Even more beautiful than in summer, Praia da Luz blooms in spring! (more…)

  • Sell a used property is not as difficult any more. The recent drop in interest rates and the “reheated” real estate market have facilitated the acquisition not only of new properties but also used real estate, with a lot of people buying not only to live but also as an investment. (more…)

  • As you might has noticed we have a improved website that goes along our re-branding, (more…)

  • There are many many reasons why you should buy a house in the Algarve. Here are the top ten!


  • Jul2015

    Update on the Legal framework for local accommodation! (more…)

  • Jun2015

    Find out what to expect from the property purchase process in Portugal…

    When you decide to buy a property, it is fully recommended that you are full aware of everything that’s involved.


  • While real state has been slowly  improving in Portugal and much of it in the Algarve with all its holiday properties, its beaches and excellent weather, the municipality of Lagos has been in that forefront, Lagos has the perfect combination of diverse traditional properties with modern built apartments and villas, (more…)

  • Algarve Golf Courses

    26th June 2014

    Algarve is one of top spots for Golf courses, with a unique combination all the latest facilities with beautiful country side and beaches, with a wide variety of courses to choose from from hillside courses to flat with sea view, there is a course for every taste, add the excelent almost year round Algarve weather and there is no doubt with golfers around the world come to the Algarve. (more…)

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