Algarve Away from the Crowds

The Algarve is the destination of choice of the Portuguese and many foreigners to spend the summer holidays. The many beaches, the climate that does not disappoint, fish-based cuisine and fresh seafood and the hospitality of the Algarve are some of the major arguments of the region. However, if you don’t want to share your vacation with thousands of other bathers, and hits a little harder don’t scare you, take a look at our list of the best secret beaches of the Algarve!

Praia da Barreta/Ilha Deserta – Faro

The name could not be closer to the truth: accessible only by sea, this beach is one of the most beautiful deserted beaches of the Algarve region. There are 11 kilometers from the quiet of this island, where you can walk without tripping over other people’s hats. The boat picks up the New Port Pier and the crossing to Desert Island is made in about 40 minutes.

The beach of Barreta is one of the best beaches deserted and kept the level of fauna and flora, where we feel truly in the middle of nature. Can be seen sandpipers, terns, terns, Terns or Chiretas.

Praia da Albandeira – Lagoa

The Albandeira beach is a beach located in Caramujeira area, and known for its crystal clear waters almost paradisiacal. These natural pools, divided in half by a rock mass, are very quiet and uncrowded, contributing to a full holiday of peace and serenity. The more difficult access can be one of the reasons why this beach is almost deserted: You must go through a narrow road almost unrecognizable to get to heaven blessed.

At low tide, you can cross one of the cliffs and see the nearby beach, without even having to swim. That is to get us diving goggles and peer into many adjacent caves and know the area of the sea depths.

Praia de São Rafael – Albufeira

Located near the very busy and tourist area of Albufeira, Sao Rafael Beach is the balm for those looking for the modesty of the best beaches in the Algarve. Surrounded by several limestone cliffs in strong tones and strong vegetation to match, this beach offers an unforgettable view from the top of the rocks to the hot foot in the sand.

With several stone blocks that invite to diving and exploration of marine life, the beach of San Rafael also has a beach bar quite close to the sea (where you can taste the fish in the area or enjoy a cocktail) and a car park about 200 meters from the beach. must-: shooting machine to capture the best views.

Praia do Amado – Aljezur

This beach is located near the Algarve Aljezur municipality, as part of the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina. He may receive some visits throughout the year, its secluded and quiet beach remains intact.

The beach of Amado is well known for its waves, although small, are very versatile and unpredictable, which ultimately attract fans of surf and bodyboard. The best access to this beach still undiscovered is out in the town of Carrickfergus (Aljezur-Sagres direction) and make the shift to the right to the beach. With easy access on foot, the beach also has a bar and is supervised during the bathing season.

Praia da Murração – Vila do Bispo

Situated between the equally beautiful beaches Mirouco and Amado, the Murração Beach is known for its rocks and also the long sandy beach, in communion with a natural landscape almost wild and untouched.

For showering, the central area is most suitable, as there are several immersed rocks on both sides, which can be more difficult to soak. For those who want to visit the beach Murração, access is via a long way on dirt, leaving the National Road. This is one of the few beaches where we can see the vegetation of dunes extend to the line of the sea.

Praia dos Arrifes – Albufeira

This beach is considered one of the best beaches in the Algarve due to its natural beauty, hidden from most of the tourists. Small and family, the beach Arrifes is composed of a small cove between cliffs where we can see natural wells and several arches in the rocks, finding even some caves in the cliffs.

Locally, they nicknamed the Three Penecos due to three large rocks placed in the sea. And as if we needed more Nature, the whole beach is surrounded by pine trees and vegetation.

Praia de Cacela Velha – Vila Real Santo António

Best known for Factory Beach, this beach has a large sandy beach of crystal clear and warm water, keeping a wild beauty with flora and fauna to match. Who wants to access this beach has two options: either choose to walk from the beach of Manta Rota (at low tide), or go by boat to the other shore.

This is one of the most beautiful deserted beaches of the Algarve, providing a view of the Bay of Monte Gordo, Tavira Island and still Cabanas Island. And to finish the day in, nothing like sampling some of the best seafood in the Natural Park of Ria Formosa in Old Cacela restaurants. Oysters, clams, cockles, shrimp …

Praia do Zavial – Vila do Bispo

This beach is the mouth of a large valley, where flows into the College of Feeding Hills. Known primarily for its long, inviting waves for surfing and all kinds of water sports, the beach of Zavial also has a lot of history to offer. On the cliff, walking distance, are the ruins of the fort and Zavial battery dated XVII century.

But it is not just the culture and the surf that make Zavial one of the best secret beaches of the Algarve: is surrounded by high cliffs that are home to the winds, protecting whom there choose to spend the day. No tourist or urban developments nearby, you can contemplate nature in its highest expression.

Praia de Vale dos Homens – Aljezur

The area of Aljezur is guided by uncrowded beaches and uncrowded, and the Men of the Valley beach is no different. Not very easy, the beach is accessed by a winding descent on wooden stairs (285 steps!), Leading us to a beach surrounded by cliffs, which helps to shelter us from the wind.

With low tide, can be seen species of fish such as sea bream, sea bass, mussels or even stars from the seas. In the high tide, the long sandy beach becomes a small line of sand. The beach Valley of Men is a good choice for staunch lovers of nature and tranquility away from the big towns.

Praia da Barrinha – Faro, Ancão

This is one of the best beaches in the Algarve, and also the most deserted, quite possibly because of its difficulty of access. Through a wooden walkway on the beach of Faro, you can reach on foot the beach of Barry, located at Ancao Peninsula. The boat is also a possibility for those who prefer to skip the journey on foot.
The fact of being so isolated, away from buildings and urban structures, makes it the perfect place for activities such as birdwatching, fishing, paddleboard and a whole host of water sports. The dune landscape makes Barrinha beach in a prime location for those who need to rest and feel nature.

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