Algarve Away from the Crowds

The Algarve is the destination of choice of the Portuguese and many foreigners to spend the summer holidays. The many beaches, the climate that does not disappoint, fish-based cuisine and fresh seafood and the hospitality of the Algarve are some of the major arguments of the region. (more…)

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Praia da Luz in Spring

The sun is finally out and we will have our beautiful village of Luz back in its full splendor again. The flowers are out and everywhere is green and fresh, while the sound of the waves coming to shore seem absolutely magical. Even more beautiful than in summer, Praia da Luz blooms in spring! (more…)

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Property Energy Certificates

Part of the European Union commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve overall energy consumption, it has passed in Portugal the Energy Certification for Properties, this is just a simple check on each property overall rate of energy consumption and efficiency. (more…)

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