Tips to Sell Your Property Fast!

Sell a used property is not as difficult any more. The recent drop in interest rates and the “reheated” real estate market have facilitated the acquisition not only of new properties but also used real estate, with a lot of people buying not only to live but also as an investment.

Nevertheless, some people complain about the delay in the sale of the property and often do not bother to prepare the property for sale. Prepare a property for sale does not mean make up the property, but prepare it as no one like to buy a poorly maintained property – except to demolish!

If this is not you, following there are some tips to help you prepare your property for sale.

Check the electrical and plumbing installations – see if the wiring, sockets and plumbing are in good working order and replace what is defective. It helps when showing the property to a client that understands a little of the subject and is also a plus point because you can say all the facilities were revised, giving more tranquillity to the future buyer.

Revitalize the painting of the property – but beware of tiny cracks and leaks, since no use to paint the property if even before you sell it starts to crack and mould the walls and you have to redo the service and have an extra cost with a new paint.

Take care of the face of the house – what draws the most attention of anyone who is looking for a property is the front of the house. For so, you should invest a little more in the property visual, being very careful not to over decorate it and with that keep the more conservative buyers away- try using more neutral or light colours.

Keep the property clean – a dirty property or lack of care demonstrate that the property has been empty for long or abandoned.

A well maintained property helps in time to win – it can even increase the value of the property up to 40%! – but never try to make up a property only to sell and then let the future owner with a problem in hand because you are at risk of being held liable in court for damage the buyer.

Remember, in a well done negotiation, everyone wins!

At Luz Choices we are prepare to help you in all the sale process and also the preparation of you property. Let us know what we can help you with!

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